"…when I first started playing in a band...It felt like we were participating in the invention of a different way of life, not a different way to make music…What I believed we were doing differently was never adopted by the major labels, promoters, radio stations, and media outlets that came to represent the ‘alternative.'"
-Boston musician Damon Krukowski on playing in Boston in the 80s, Pitchfork

Boston Then looks at the story of the city’s punk, post-punk, and new wave music beginning in the late 1970s to early 1980s through a digital narrative that aims to let users discover. Explore the cities venues on the interactive map, its happenings on the timeline, or what bands played where and were written about by who in the infograph. Discover a community made up of individuals, music lovers, friends, and eccentrics.

Current content is a sampling of what will fill the project pages. Come and back and experience the narrative as it grows and evolves.

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